Pathways 3What is a pathway?

A pathway identifies a sequence of courses that leads toward post-secondary programs and careers related to a particular area of interest.   Exploring different pathways helps you develop meaningful educational plans and acquire the knowledge and skills that will help you achieve your future educational and career goals.

Utah Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways help connect students to college and careers. To learn more, explore the following Utah State Board of Education CTE Pathways links:

 Number 1  What is a CTE Pathway?


 Number 2  FAQs about CTE Pathways


Number 3  Specific Pathway Information

StarFor additional information about the different pathways and the most in-demand jobs in Utah, click on the star!

Jordan School District offers many courses connected to CTE career pathways.   To see how Jordan District connects Education to Careers, click here.

For more information about pathway opportunities available at your school,  check with your high school CTE coordinator. You may also check with your school counselor. 

For every CTE class they take, students may earn certificates verifying specific skills they have learned.  These skills can be listed on resumes, and certificates can be included in portfolios.  For more information, click on the Utah CTE Skill Certificate Program logo.

Skills Certificate Progran


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