Early enrollment programs allow students to attend college prior to high school graduation. Typically, students are offered this option after they have exhausted most of the other opportunities on the high school level for advanced work.  Credits earned through early college programs may be applied toward both college and high school graduation. Students  who plan on using college credits toward high school graduation  must check with their high school counselor prior to enrolling in classes to determine how the classes they plan to take will fulfill graduation requirements. For every semester college course which is successfully completed, students will receive .5 credit on their high school transcript.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide the high school with the college transcript.

Students in early enrollment programs are responsible for paying their own tuition.

The following local institutions of higher education offer early enrollment programs..

Salt Lake Community College Early Enrollment 

College 8The Salt Lake Community College Early Enrollment program provides high school juniors and seniors with the opportunity to take college level courses to supplement their high school curriculum.  It is not a substitute for the high school curriculum.  This program is designed for motivated students who have completed the highest level of course work offered by the high school (i.e. honors, A.P., concurrent enrollment courses)  and who wish to further their education in those areas.   Applicants for the program must demonstrate college-level by testing into ENGL 1010 and MATH 1010 .  ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer test scores may be used to determine eligibility.  Students should submit all required documents and meet with a Salt Lake Community College advisor at least two months before the beginning of the semester.  Early enrollment students are considered non-degree seeking students.  As a result, they are not eligible for financial aid or scholarships through Salt Lake Community College until they (or their class) graduate from high school.  Visit the SLCC Early Enrollment website for more information and tuition rates.


University of Utah High School University Program

College 8The University of Utah supports high school students who wish to take university classes while still enrolled in their regular high school curriculum. Students in the University of Utah High School University Program select classes from the regular university catalog and are in the classroom with other university students.  High school students who wish to attend the university while also attending high school must first apply for admission into the High School University Program.  Applicants must meet minimum GPA standards.   Seniors need to have at least a 3.2, juniors at least a 3.5,  and sophomores at least a 3.7. Students must have successfully completed ninth grade and must be enrolled in high school.   In order to remain in this program, students must have satisfactory academic coursework in both their university and high school classes.
Visit the University of Utah High School University Program website for more information and tuition rates.


Westminster Dual Enrollment Program

College 8Qualified high school students may enroll for a maximum of 2 courses each semester at Westminster College while still attending high school.  Students may begin taking courses at Westminster College as early as ninth grade if they meet the eligibility requirements set forth by Westminster College and their school district.  Students must have a 3.0 cummulative high school GPA to apply for the program.  In addition, to an official high school transcript, the application includes an essay and a high school permission form which must be signed by the parent/guardian, the student’s school counselor, the principal, and the Westminster College Director of Adult & Graduate Studies.  In order to remain in this program, students must maintain a minimum GPA in both their college and high school classes. Visit the Westminster College Dual Enrollment website for more information and tuition rates.


 Brigham Young University Early College Program

College 8Brigham Young University’s (BYU) concurrent enrollment program is actually an early college program because it does not involve a partnership between BYU and high schools. Students must be enrolled at a local high school and have completed their junior of high school in order to apply for the program.  Eligibility criteria includes a GPA of at least 3.70 and unconditional support from the high school counselor and parent.  Students may register for no more than 11.5 hours during fall and winter semesters and no more than 5.5 hours during spring and summer terms.  Students must complete a new concurrent enrollment voucher each semester.
Visit the Brigham Young University Concurrent Enrollment Program website 
for information and tuition rates.


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