Dollar Sign 3A scholarship is is an award of financial aid given to a student to further his or her education. This is money students don’t have to pay back. 

There are different types of scholarships to consider.

Academic Scholarships are awarded on the basis of grade point average, achievement test scores, and in some instances rigor of academic course work.

Merit Scholarships take many forms such as:  leadership, departmental, talent, and service. These can be awarded by colleges, private organizations, or individuals.

Diversity/Multicultural Scholarships are available to promote diversity in a school’s student body by considering ethnicity or gender.  Some diversity scholarships are for all minorities as a collective whole, while others are specifically for individual ethnic groups. Either way, if you are from an ethnic or culturally diverse background, you should consider applying.  There are also scholarships for strong independent thinking women and are available in many fields of study.

Athletic Scholarships are available for practically every sport.  If you excel in athletics you may want to consideran athletic scholarship, but remember that the competition is tough, and athletes have to be National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) eligible.   There are specific high school classes which athletes need to take in order to be NCAA eligible because colleges are looking for athletes who can be successful academically as well as in their sport.  To learn more about NCAA eligibility, click here.

Private Scholarships – These can be awarded by companies, foundations, community organizations, or clubs who specify the criteria for the scholarship.  Some private scholarships are available through colleges.  Others can be found through scholarship searches.  Some are even made to be fun.  For example did you know that you could get a scholarship for making a prom dress out of duct tape!


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The criteria for awarding scholarships varies.  For the most up-to-date information about scholarship criteria and applications at the colleges of your choice, visit their websites.

Links to the scholarship websites of public and non-profit private colleges in Utah are provided below.

college days

Brigham Young University

Dixie State University

LDS Business College

Salt Lake Community College

Snow College

Southern Utah University

University of Utah

Utah College of Applied Technology

Utah State University

Utah State University Eastern

Utah Valley University

Weber State University

Westminster College




Dollar Sign 3The Utah State Board of Regents administers the following scholarships.

Click on the title of the scholarship to learn more.

Dollar Sign 3The Utah State Office of Education administers the following scholarships.
Click on the title of the scholarship to learn more.


For information about other scholarship opportunities,
check your high school’s scholarship website.

You may also want to conduct a search through a reputable site
such as UtahFuturesFastweb or the College Board.


Caution When conducting scholarship searches, beware of scams!
For information about how to spot a scam, click here.

.For information about other ways to pay for college, click on the following links:

For information about other ways to pay for college, click on the following links:

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Financial Aid

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