Diploma 1

To help students become college and career ready, Jordan School District requires the minimum core curriculum along with additional course requirements as set forth in the Utah State Office of Education Board Rule R277-700-6. Credit is awarded on the basis of a student’s participation, attainment of skills, and mastery of course standards.

Credit toward graduation is only granted for courses taken in 9th Grade – 12th Grade.  However, credit earned during the summer prior to 9th Grade may be applied towards graduation.  Even though credits earned during 7th and 8th Grade do not count toward graduation, the credit requirements for those grades help students build the academic foundation required to complete graduation requirements and successfully continue their education.  

The information in this section details the Jordan School District graduation requirements, provides options for earning credits, and suggests ways for students to make the most of their educational experiences.  Click on one of the following links to learn more!

Jordan District Graduation Requirements

Show Me the Way

Credit Enhancements

Beyond the Basics

Making the Grade – Why Grades are Important