ccr basics 2Did you know that participation in extracurricular activities not only makes school more fun, it can help you be more college and career ready?  You gain confidence, nurture talents, explore interests and learn teamwork skills.  You can have leadership opportunities and engage in activities that relate to future college and career options. You might even see your academic performance improve!

Many college admissions and scholarship applications ask students to list any extracurricular activities, service, and/or leadership experiences they have been involved with in Grades 9 -12.  Colleges are more interested in meaningful involvement than a long list of activities.  Community service and participation in community youth groups and organizations can also be included on applications.   They are interested in  students who are contributors in their school and community.

Start keeping track of the ways you are involved in your school and community now.  Make note of the amount of time you spend in each activity and the way you contributed that will make things easier when it is actually time to complete applications.

Check out some possibilities for getting involved by clicking on one of the following links.

Extracurricular Activities


Leadership Opportunities

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