Honors courses are available at both the middle school and high school levels. However, the availability and selection of Honors courses varies from school to school. Honors courses help students become college and career ready because they offer more rigor and depth in the subject being studied.  Interested students are typically asked to submit an application for Honors courses during late-winter/spring school registration periods (current academic grades, achievement test scores, student essay samples and teacher recommendations may be used as selection criteria for participation).
Honors courses are designated with an “H” or “Honors” in the
Jordan School District Course Catalog.


Middle School Honors Courses

High School Honors Courses

  • Language Arts  7 H
  • Reading 7 H
  • Language Arts 8 H
  • Reading 8 H
  • Language Arts 9 H
  • U.S. History 8 H
  • Geography for Life H
  • 7th Grade Mathematics Honors
  • 8th Grade Mathematics Honors
  • Secondary Mathematics 1 H
  • Secondary Mathematics 2 H
  • Biology H
  • Language Arts 10 H
  • Language Arts 11 H
  • Language Arts 12 CP
  • American Sign Language 3 H
  • French 3 H and French 4 H
  • German 3H and German 4H
  • Latin 3 H
  • Mandarin Chinese 3 H
  • Spanish 3 H and Spanish 4 H
  • World Civilizations H
  • United States History H
  • Secondary Mathematics 3 H
  • Secondary Mathematics 2 H
  • Chemistry H
  • Physics H

Assess Yourself

Before deciding whether to enroll in more advanced courses, students should assess their commitment to and motivation for advanced work.  Just as teachers are dedicated to developing excmplary programs, students must also exhibit the sam dedication to succeed academically.

  • Are you willing to spend several hours each night doing homework? This commitment may mean less time available for extracurricular activities, hobbies, or a job.
  • Are you willing to actively participate in class discussion, do more out-of-class reading, pursue library and online research, and write extensively?
  • Are you willing to deal with some tasks that are tedious, time-consuming, or repetitive to learn a new skill?
  • Are you willing to master the competencies of the course rather than rely on extra-credit?
  • Are you capable of managing your time, including pursuing long-term, complex assignments, without excessive reliance on teacher direction or student collaboration?
  • Are you willing to risk competition among other highly accomplished and bright students?  In other words, are you willing to risk a grade lower than an “A”?
  • Are you willing to pursue a course of study that is appropriate for your needs and abilities and that is not based upon what friends have selected?

For additional ways to enhance the credits you earn, check out the following Jordan District options.

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ALPS Program 

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