JSD_logo_3colorTo graduate from a Jordan School District high school, a student must:

  • Earn the minimum number of credits designated by the high school a student attends. In Jordan School District, credit requirements range from 24 to 27 credits, depending upon the scheduling system of the high school.
  • Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test.
  • Meet attendance requirements as designated by Jordan School District. (See Credit Guidelines: Residency Requirement.)

Credit Requirements for the Graduating Classes of 2016, 2017, 2018

Language Arts (4.0 Credits)

1.o Language Arts 9 or 9H
1.0 Language Arts 10, 10A, or 10H
1.0 Language Arts 11, 11A, 11H, AP Language or AP Literature
1.0 Language Arts 12, 12CP, AP Language, AP Literature, or Approved Senior Language Arts Course*

Social Studies (3.5 Credits)

1.0 Geography for Life
1.0 World Civilizations
1.0 U.S. History
0.5 U.S. Government & Citizenship (Taken in 11th  Grade or 12th Grade)

Mathematics (3.0 Credits)

2.0 Foundation/Core Credits
1.0 Additional Foundation/Core Credit or Applied, Advanced, or Foundation (AAF) Credit*

Science (3.0 Credits)

2.0 Credits from 2 Different Foundation/Core Areas:  Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physic, Computer Science
1.0 Additional Foundation/Core Credit or Applied, Advanced, or Foundation (AAF) Credit*

Healthy Lifestyles (2.0 Credits)

0.5 Health Education
0.5 Participation Skills & Techniques (PST)
0.5 Fitness for Life
0.5 Elective Individual Fitness Activity or 2 Seasons of a UHSAA Team Sport

Fine Arts (1.5 Credits)

Career and Technical Education (1.0 Credits)

Computer Technology (0.5 Credits)

Financial Literacy (0.5 Credits)

Elective Credits (8.0 Credits)**

TOTAL CREDITS (27.0 Credits)**

*Students should see a school counselor regarding Approved Senior Language Arts Courses and Foundation/Core and Applied, Advanced, or Foundation (AAF) Science and Math requirements.
**Valley High School only requires five elective credits.  As a result, only 24 total credits are required for a Valley High school Diploma.

Click here for a printable brochure of the High School Graduation Requirements by Subject Area. 

It is important to realize that the college in which you are interested may recommend or require coursework beyond that required for a high school diploma, so be sure to check the admission requirements or course recommendations for the colleges which you would like to attend.  You also need to be aware of courses required for scholarships and NCAA eligibility.  Plan ahead and select courses that will not only qualify you for high school graduation but will also ensure that you are eligible for admissions, scholarships, and athletic eligibility.

To see the Utah System of Higher Education High School Course Recommendations.
click here.


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