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GRADES DO MATTER!!  Many colleges and universities use an admissions & scholarship index that determines whether a student will be admitted to or receive funding for their college education.  Not only is your high school Grade Point Average (GPA) very important, but your ACT or SAT score is equally significant.  Below is an example of how academic merit scholarships are awarded at Utah State University.

ccr usuClick on image to enlarge

Did you notice that either an ACT OR SAT test score can be used in determining scholarship and admissions eligibility?   As a result, you may want to take both tests because you may perform better on one test than the other.

Referring to the index above,  it is clear that ONE POINT  on a college entrance exam can mean the difference of thousands of dollars.  While there is no substitute for the knowledge you gain by applying yourself every day in your classes, taking practice tests can help you perform well on college entrace exams.

Check out the following FREE test preparation activities available through ACT and the College Board:

 ACT Test Prep 

SAT Test Prep 

In order to provide every high school student, teacher, and administrator in Utah with free unlimited ACT, PLAN, & EXPLORE test prep, the Utah State Office of Educationcontracted with a company called Shmoop.  If you’re wondering what Shmoop means,  the definition is to nudge or move forward in a positive directiont.  Check with your school counselor to get the “Magic” password; then click on the Shmoop logo to get started.

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 Shmoop even has FREE HOMEWORK HELP.  click here for more information.

 GRADES ARE IMPORTANT! Getting good grades and scoring well on the ACT and or SAT college entrance exams can help you earn an academic merit scholarship.  To see what that means in terms of financial savings to you, use this Net Price Calculator from the U.S. Department of Education.

There are millions of dollars given away annually to students seeking post-secondary education. To find out why StepUp to Higher Education believes “Paying for College is Possible,” click here 

Put forth the effort now to earn good grades and build a strong academic foundation,
so you can be eligible for scholarships.  Then wait for colleges to . . .



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