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 “Online learning is not for every student, but it can be an excellent choice for some. You do need to understand that learning online can be just as difficult and sometimes more difficult than taking a class in a traditional classroom.”Utah Students Connect

STEP ONE:   Take a survey to see if online courses are right for you.   Click here for the Utah Students Connect survey.

STEP TWO:  If you decide online courses are a good fit for you, meet with your school counselor to discuss how the courses you want to take fit into your plans for college and career readiness.


Utah Students Connect/Jordan Connect

This is the online program Jordan District provides for Jordan District students in partnership with Davis, Murray, Park City, Nebo and Tooele School Districts.  During the school year, no tuition is charged for Jordan District students who enroll in Utah Students Connect courses for original credit. During the summer or if students take a course for make-up credit, the cost is $45 per .25 credit.

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Utah Electronic High School

“Utah Electronic High School offers open-entry/open-exit classes for Utah students no cost to students or schools. Students continue to work with their local school counselor to select the desired classes. Credit earned at EHS can be used for credit recovery, original credit and credit acceleration. Credit earned at EHS can be in addition to all credits taken at a student’s local school and through the Statewide Online Education Program.”  -Utah State Office of Education

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Public Education Online

Public Education Online is the Statewide Online Education Program established by the Utah Legislature in the 2011 General Session. The program enables eligible students to earn high school graduation credit through the ompletion of publicly funded onlinecourses.”  Utah State Office of Education

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For more information about other ways to earn credit, click on the following links:

 Traditional Coursework

Supplemental Programs

Credit Recovery

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