post itUSTAR Summer Classes

 You can receive 1 full credit in only 5 weeks of class FOR FREE!

The purpose of Utah Science and Technology Research (USTAR) courses is to allow students to advance their progress in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and be able to take more classes and more advanced courses during the school year.   Students may take only one USTAR summer core course. Most courses provide a full credit designed to accelerate student progress.  Those courses taught by the quarter can be used for credit recovery.  There is no charge for Jordan School District students. 

Click here for the 2016 USTAR Science Summer Class Schedule
and Registration Information

Click here for the 2016 USTAR Math Summer Class Schedule
and Registration Information

If you register for a USTAR course, you can only miss 12 hours of class time.   If you are planning on summer camps, vacations, sports clinics, etc that will cause you to miss more than 12 hours of class time, you should not register for one of the UTAR courses.  Whatever grade you earn will appear on your high school transcript, so if you decide to take a summer USTAR course, be  dedicated to it.

If you have questions, talk to your school counselor!

 For more information about other ways to earn credit, click on the following links:

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