MP900387511Making the transition from high school to college begins long before graduation. MP900387519 It begins with a dream and taking the steps to make that dream a reality.   You start by exploring your interests.  Then, research careers that relate to your interests and determine which college programs will best meet your needs.  Remember that college means 1, 2, 4 or more years of education or training beyond high school.  You might already have one or more careers or colleges in mind.  If so, it is a good idea to check out their admission requirements to make sure you  will be prepared to meet their admission standards and to determine if they offer programs and majors in which you are interested.  The information in this section can help you know  what you need to do now in order to make the transition from high school to college later.  It can also help you if you are already in the process of making that transition.

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Choose a Career Pathway

Select a College

Make Connections

Get Admitted

Find Support